This is Matt Cabanag’s personal blog. (that is: Matt Arvin Villas Cabanag) This is a place for me to put up random stuff that give people a chuckle or make them think a bit. My more ‘professional’ work can be found at Quantum Shade Interactive. This is a place for me to put all of my other stuff. There might be one or two Unity3D training videos here and there…

* matt@squarestorm.com (for blog matters)
* matt@quantumshade.com (for game industry matters)
* matt.cabanag@mq.edu.au (for academic matters)






Self Horn Tooting (Honours/Awards):
* Eric Dybsand Memorial; AI Scholarship (2014)
* “Best Game” @ Global Game Jam Sydney (2013)
* Top 10 Finalist @ Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards (2013)
* “Technical Excellence” @ Global Game Jam Sydney (2014)
* Digital Kitchen grant funding (2013)
* GCap Assist Scholarship (2013)

Professional Consulting:
$330/hour inc GST


Nerding it up at Club77.  Too cool. :p

I’m a polymath wannabe who wants to save the world with airships and other technological assortments. Unfortunately, I’m only smart enough to have got a Bachelor of Science in Computing from Macquarie University. Apparently I’m not even smart enough to leave the place, as I still continue to work there as a programmer and very low ranking sessional academic on top of being a research student. I’m now technically an international AI researcher – with two international publications under my belt.  Hopefully they’ll come out with more regularity soon.

I’m completely obsessed with computer games, having been a gamer since  the old Famicom/NES days. Not a bad thing when your university gets you to teach in some core units for their newly instituted games degree.

I’m currently trying to break into the indie games scene, having gone through the AIE Incubator Program, under the supervision of Epona Schweer and Dan Toose. I’m now technically a multi-award winning game developer. So watch out!!

I’m enchanted by consumer level 3D printing. I’m not so hot on designing things, but I love printing other people’s stuff.. and I seem to have a love of the machines themselves. It started when I got Makerbot’s CupCake CNC, continued with the Thing-O-Matic, got worse when I got a Lasercut Mendel, spiraled when I got an Up!, and finally become completely certified when I ordered TEN RepRapPro Huxleys.