Skyrail: Solution to Traffic Jams

Hours and hours of our lives are wasted just commuting to and from places. Its being stuck in traffic in your car or in the bus. Its waiting for your train to arrive, or tolerating constant stops to pick up and let off passengers. Skyrail is my proposed solution. Its a point-to point transport system that combines the freedom of normal roads and the flexibility of overhead cable cars. Check out this YouTube vid!

YouTube Preview Image
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Remembering My Nina

Who is Nina Jin Zhou? To me, she the was closest I’ve ever been to another human being. My classmate, my rival, my confidant, my cheer leader. My partner of 7 years, my housemate for 5, the best friend I ever had. She was the great love of my short life.. and I hers. Our relationship wasn’t perfect but I knew there would always be an unbreakable bond between us. Now the most I can do.. the most any of us can do is remember her and honour her. For my part, I want the world to know how much of an awesome girl she really was. Continue reading

How My Best Friend Died: A Warning

I very much regret having to post this, but I can’t see any alternative. On Thursday, the 19th of September, at about 3pm local time, my partner of 7 years, Nina Jin Zhou, drowned at the base of a waterfall in Nepal. She was doing the Annapurna Base Camp trek under the supervision of Binod Pokharel; a guide from Advanced Adventures Nepal.

I am posting this as a warning to anyone else who may be unfortunate enough to encounter this guide and this company in the future. This is also a warning about the Nepalese trekking industry in general, which has dangerous and significant structural problems. The guides are not equipped with the knowledge and the skills to handle life-threatening situations, yet their government still issues them with licenses. You cannot rely on Nepalese accreditation alone. If you do, your life is in danger.
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Unity3D: Basic Interactivity

I demonstrate how to make a basic interactive experience with Unity 3D in less than 20 minutes! The original goal was to create a simple bowling game in 10 minutes, but I couldn’t resist the urge to stop and explain what I was doing. We didn’t end up with a bowling game, lol. So here we are. I’ve listed some key time indices and annotated them with titles. So if you want to, you can google the terms and study them in more depth. Source code also included. :)

YouTube Preview Image

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2013 Politics

Our society is so primitive. The dominating force in people’s minds is all about self preservation and survival; caveman stuff. I want it to be more about identity, creativity, self actualisation, the human soul. It’s currently all about ‘jobs’, ‘families’, ‘economy’.

Politics looks like a mad fight over scraps. More of a reallocation of resources rather than solving problems. Why not concentrate on creating new solutions? Wonder what would happen if there were some ubiquitous, ultra cheap tech that gave everyone food, shelter, communications and transport….

Some progress towards this direction:

Printception: My Printable 3D Printer

When I heard of the RepRap project all those years back, I was totally awed by the concept of a self-replicating 3D printer. Then I saw the Darwin and then the Mendel… It always bothered me that most of the parts that I saw in these printers weren’t printed, but metal or wood. Even now, the most popular RepRap variants are very obviously made up of materials that are not printable. The closest ideal that I’ve seen is this incredible contraption: a fully printed Makerbot Cupcake.

Since then, there hasn’t really been much movement in the space… At least none that I’ve seen. So, I present:

Y Block Construction Set

IMG_20130103_104030 IMG_20130103_104041 IMG_20130103_104051
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April Reflections on The Philippines

While I’m not really a diary keeping sort of guy, I feel compelled to pen some thoughts about my recent week-long trip to The Philippines, incoherent as they may be. I came back with a stronger sense of identity, new experiences and deeper insights into human nature – much more than I could ever have expected before I arrived there.

I looked into the eyes of giant sea creatures as I swam with them – just an arm’s length away. I witnessed abject poverty set against the most beautiful natural settings in the mountains of Cebu. I walked among and was surrounded by the poor as I helped in an outreach activity by The Little Light. I saw President Noy Noy Aquino casually walk out of the restaurant that I was about to walk in to and dine in. I learned through Facebook that my family has once again been embroiled in political violence, with the daylight murder of my cousin’s husband by masked gunmen as he walked out of a meeting… All this happened between the time that I first landed on Philippine soil and the time I flew out. Not your average holiday.
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O2 – Global Game Jam

Last weekend, Alex Coe and I participated in our second Global Game Jam. I have to say, I’m actually quite proud of what we came up with. Not only did we manage to incorporate moral ambiguity into it, but there’s some hints of player generated dynamic narrative in there too. :p Here’s a short gameplay video to explain the premise:

YouTube Preview Image

(Note: As of 27 Feb 2013: Alex and I are continuing to develop this title over at Quantum Shade Interactive.)
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Nikki the Ninja


In my teenage years, I used to have a website called “”. It’s long since been taken over by squatters when I failed to renew the registration, but I’ve still got some of the old stuff that I used to put up there. Nikki the Ninja was one of them. It’s one of my earliest experiences of polishing up a game for release to the public. Back then my market was the old Game Maker Community, before Mark Overmars sold Game Maker to YoYo Games. I still remember characters like “jazzuo”,  “Mr.Chubigans” and “Shawn64” (may he rest in peace).

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