Skyrail: Solution to Traffic Jams

Hours and hours of our lives are wasted just commuting to and from places. Its being stuck in traffic in your car or in the bus. Its waiting for your train to arrive, or tolerating constant stops to pick up and let off passengers. Skyrail is my proposed solution. Its a point-to point transport system that combines the freedom of normal roads and the flexibility of overhead cable cars. Check out this YouTube vid!

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2013 Politics

Our society is so primitive. The dominating force in people’s minds is all about self preservation and survival; caveman stuff. I want it to be more about identity, creativity, self actualisation, the human soul. It’s currently all about ‘jobs’, ‘families’, ‘economy’.

Politics looks like a mad fight over scraps. More of a reallocation of resources rather than solving problems. Why not concentrate on creating new solutions? Wonder what would happen if there were some ubiquitous, ultra cheap tech that gave everyone food, shelter, communications and transport….

Some progress towards this direction:

Printception: My Printable 3D Printer

When I heard of the RepRap project all those years back, I was totally awed by the concept of a self-replicating 3D printer. Then I saw the Darwin and then the Mendel… It always bothered me that most of the parts that I saw in these printers weren’t printed, but metal or wood. Even now, the most popular RepRap variants are very obviously made up of materials that are not printable. The closest ideal that I’ve seen is this incredible contraption: a fully printed Makerbot Cupcake.

Since then, there hasn’t really been much movement in the space… At least none that I’ve seen. So, I present:

Y Block Construction Set

IMG_20130103_104030 IMG_20130103_104041 IMG_20130103_104051
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