Nikki the Ninja


In my teenage years, I used to have a website called “”. It’s long since been taken over by squatters when I failed to renew the registration, but I’ve still got some of the old stuff that I used to put up there. Nikki the Ninja was one of them. It’s one of my earliest experiences of polishing up a game for release to the public. Back then my market was the old Game Maker Community, before Mark Overmars sold Game Maker to YoYo Games. I still remember characters like “jazzuo”,  “Mr.Chubigans” and “Shawn64” (may he rest in peace).

This game is what happens when you mix Legend of Kage, the Kill Bill series and a sad little internet kid wanting to delve into game development. I remember saving up to buy Poser 4 and convincing my mum to shell out for Multimedia Fusion. I didn’t become an instant millionaire, but I sure did learn a lot about sprite sheets and dynamic asset loading. Check out some of my old stuff!

Playable Binaries:
7Z Version: STG002_V1.3a.7z (use 7zip to open)
.zip Version: (right click, unzip)

Source Code:
.7z Version: STG002_source_V1.3a.7z (use 7zip to open)
.zip Version: (right click, unzip)

2 thoughts on “Nikki the Ninja

  1. Lol, sorry about that Scott. I didn’t actually think anyone read this blog. :p Fixed the link now.

    This game was written using Game Maker 6. It’s fairly old now.. but if you can hunt down a download from somewhere, it would be quite a feat.

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