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Last weekend, Alex Coe and I participated in our second Global Game Jam. I have to say, I’m actually quite proud of what we came up with. Not only did we manage to incorporate moral ambiguity into it, but there’s some hints of player generated dynamic narrative in there too. :p Here’s a short gameplay video to explain the premise:

YouTube Preview Image

(Note: As of 27 Feb 2013: Alex and I are continuing to develop this title over at Quantum Shade Interactive.)

The two strongest ideas we wanted to convey were:
1) There might not be enough oxygen for everyone to survive.
2) You might have to choose who gets to live or die.

In technical terms, the game isn’t really that sophisticated. But when I think about it, this game has the potential to glean some insight into the player’s soul, just by looking at how they play. It’s fairly difficult to rig because each play-through is different. It’s impossible to do a GameFAQ style walkthrough to come to an optimal solution. You just have to go with your gut.

Play the latest version here:

O2 – Play in Web Browser through Unity Web Player
O2 – Downloadable .zip archive with Windows binary

Source Code:

O2 – Unity Project Folder

Background Info

During the jam, we were interviewed by Matt McLeod from Select Start Media. This video shows a bit more insight into the game’s design and other considerations around its production at the jam:

YouTube Preview Image

The version in the gameplay video was the one we submitted for judging. With only two days to finish the game, there were a lot of things that we weren’t able to implement. We spent a bit more time polishing the game to get a few more of those features in. We end up with something that’s generally more polished.

+ Jumping and landing sounds implemented
+ Terrain randomised (between 7 different levels)
+ Astronaut collision bug mitigated (no longer goes crazy when you’re on top of them)
+ Level balancing tweaked a bit more
+ Black fadeout screen introduced at the start of each level
+ Added extra information to game end screen
+ Disabled beeping sounds at game end screen
+ Added key to fast forward time

The official Global Game Jam entry (with less features) can be found here: http://globalgamejam.org/2013/o2

YouTube Preview Image

Update: 2 Feb 2013


Woohoo! We won “best game” at Game Jam Sydney 2013. The judgements were read out at the award ceremony in the Powerhouse Museum today. Totally wasn’t expecting Rebecca to announce “O2” as the best game. Won a couple of copies of Halo 4, an Xbox Kinect kit and the respect of our peers.




Update 27 Feb 2013

Alex and I are continuing to develop this title over at Quantum Shade Interactive. :)

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