Skyrail: Solution to Traffic Jams

Hours and hours of our lives are wasted just commuting to and from places. Its being stuck in traffic in your car or in the bus. Its waiting for your train to arrive, or tolerating constant stops to pick up and let off passengers. Skyrail is my proposed solution. Its a point-to point transport system that combines the freedom of normal roads and the flexibility of overhead cable cars. Check out this YouTube vid!

YouTube Preview Image

The core of this system is a junction system which allows pods to change direction at will. Traditional rail systems reconfigure the rails to allow trains to change direction. With my system, the pods themselves decide where they want to go. The rails don’t change. They’re like packets travelling through the internet.

Key Advantages

  • Point-to-point travel. Go straight to destination.
  • Freeway all the way. No traffic lights. No intersections.
  • Easily scalable. Just build another level on top if capacity runs out.
  • Easy integration. Can build on top of existing infrastructure without major remodeling of environment.
  • Cheap. No need for all that concrete, steel, asphalt and labour like you’d need for road bridges.

As I said in the video, I’m not a “real” engineer. I’m just a programmer. So I’ve rigged up this Unity based physics simulation to demonstrate that this structure is actually physically viable.

Download: Skyrail Windows Binary

Download: Skyrail Source Code

If you’re one of those “real” engineers (mechanical, civil, aerospace, mechatronic, etc) and think this project has legs, please let me know (at I wanna make a physical mockup to further prove and refine the concept. I really think something like this could end the scourge of traffic congestion forever!

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