April Reflections on The Philippines

While I’m not really a diary keeping sort of guy, I feel compelled to pen some thoughts about my recent week-long trip to The Philippines, incoherent as they may be. I came back with a stronger sense of identity, new experiences and deeper insights into human nature – much more than I could ever have expected before I arrived there.

I looked into the eyes of giant sea creatures as I swam with them – just an arm’s length away. I witnessed abject poverty set against the most beautiful natural settings in the mountains of Cebu. I walked among and was surrounded by the poor as I helped in an outreach activity by The Little Light. I saw President Noy Noy Aquino casually walk out of the restaurant that I was about to walk in to and dine in. I learned through Facebook that my family has once again been embroiled in political violence, with the daylight murder of my cousin’s husband by masked gunmen as he walked out of a meeting… All this happened between the time that I first landed on Philippine soil and the time I flew out. Not your average holiday.
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