Unity3D: Basic Interactivity

I demonstrate how to make a basic interactive experience with Unity 3D in less than 20 minutes! The original goal was to create a simple bowling game in 10 minutes, but I couldn’t resist the urge to stop and explain what I was doing. We didn’t end up with a bowling game, lol. So here we are. I’ve listed some key time indices and annotated them with titles. So if you want to, you can google the terms and study them in more depth. Source code also included. :)

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1:30 – Challenge begins!!
3:40 – Custom components: adding your own code
4:48 – About Monobehaviour
5:16 – Manipulating transform component from your custom code
6:15 – Customisable rotation speeds
7:30 – Inspector debug mode
8:00 – Quick, custom textures using MS Paint!
9:27- “Knock Down the Pins” game
10:03 – The Input class. Rotating your stick with arrow keys
12:04 – Time.deltaTime
13:40 – Prefabs. Adding pins!
16:40 – Practically done.
17:07 – Floating Rigidbody. Knocking down the pins!


Source Code – zipped Unity project folder.

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